House Concerts

What is a House Concert?

19baee4A house concert is a musical performance that is hosted by someone in their home, apartment, place of business, etc. It provides an opportunity for attendees to enjoy great music in an intimate setting, and at the same time, provides one on one access to the artist. For years, many people have missed out on the opportunity to enjoy live performances because they want to avoid the smokey bar scene that is filled with rowdy patrons. In recent years, the house concert has become a very popular alternative to that venue.

Traditionally, the house concert is a donation type venue. Generally, the host of a house concert needs to be able to provide seating for a minimum of 20 people and sometimes up to 30-50, or even 100. The patrons are asked to make a suggested donation which is usually $15-$20, and 100% of the donations go to the performing artist. Usually, a potluck dinner is held and the patrons are asked to bring a covered dish and/or dessert. Sometimes wine is served, or patrons bring their own, depending on the rules of the host. If an overnight stay is required by the performing artist, and the host is able, lodging is provided. Otherwise, different arrangements are made ahead of time.

gumboGaney is available to perform for house concerts and brings with him a unique twist to the traditional house concert design. Since much of Ganey’s performances are of an educational nature pointing out the differences between Cajun, Creole and Zydeco music, he thought it would be nice to also provide authentic traditional food.

Instead of the typical donation of $15-$20, the patrons are asked to make a donation of $20-$25 dollars. Ganey arrives in advance and prepares an authentic chicken and sausage gumbo, or jambalaya.

If you have the ability to provide seating for 20-50 people, and you think you are interested in hosting a house concert, please contact Heather Moreau at to inquire about booking your house concert, today.