For Your Consideration: Ganey Arsement-Le Forgeron (Best Regional Roots Album)


Ganey Arsement-Le Forgeron
“Best Regional Roots Album”
Le Forgeron, the newest full length album releasse by AmeriCajun artist, Ganey Arsement, has been submitted to the Grammy nominating ballot. Contributing to the vast and varied library of American Roots music, Ganey has not only stretched the boundaries of the Cajun music genre, he has also jumped over it all the while forging the way to the beginnings of a new genre that we like to refer to as AmeriCajun. Below are a few facts about Ganey and Le Forgeron.
  • Ganey is a twenty year veteran in the Cajun music industry.
  • Le Forgeron contains 9 original songs written by Ganey.
  • Le Forgeron was funded, in part, by the Louisiana Division of the Arts.
  • Le Forgeron is currently being played on 300+ Folk/Americana stations, worldwide.
  • Le Forgeron has charted at #16 on the Roots Music Report for Louisiana.
Please take a moment to CLICK HERE and preview the entire CD at AirPlay Direct. Below are just a few of the things that are being said about Ganey and Le Forgeron by some of the most respected names in Roots, Folk and Americana music.

“I’ve been a fan of Cajun accordionist and songwriter Ganey Arsement for a little while now, not just because of his powerful accordion playing or excellent Cajun singing, but really because he’s a great French language songwriter.”

Devon LegerNo Depression
“Yet, with Le Forgeron’s genre hopping beyond traditional Cajun, some would consider it to be all over the map but that’s really a testament to Arsement’s versatility.”
Dan Willging,
Offbeat Magazine
“Wonderful music from southwest Louisiana that spans Cajun, folk, and honky-tonk music. Ganey Arsement reflects the spirit and power of one of the world’s most musically rich areas.”
Art Menius,
The Art Spot
“Whether he’s squeezing out a traditional cajun tune or thrashing through some East Texas blues, Ganey Arsement never forgets to entertain on his new album, Le Forgeron.”
Calvin Powers,
Americana Music Show
Your consideration for the 2013 Grammy nominating ballot would be much appreciated. Feel free to share this webpage, with any and all voting members that you are associated with. Just a few moments of your time could help Ganey Arsement receive a much deserved nomination.