Performing at Uncle Calvin’s in Dallas, TX.

Growing up in rural Southwest Louisiana, Ganey spent much of his time hunting and fishing, but when he wasn’t doing that, you could usually find him near a record player with music blaring through headphones. His earliest exposure to music included a wide range of genres from Pop Rock and R&B to Country and Blues to Cajun and Zydeco. It wasn’t until his teenage years that he became enamored with the Country sounds of Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, and many more.

In high school, with access to a guitar and keyboard, he began to explore learning to play, but never felt that he made any progress. It wasn’t until he entered college with dreams of becoming a writer that he enrolled in a guitar elective. One afternoon, while sitting in the student union, he heard the crying sound of a Cajun accordion in the distance. He followed the sound and found a Cajun band playing for a campus function. He introduced himself.

In Nashville, TN after appearing on the Shotgun Red Show.

That chance encounter thirty years ago started the wheels in motion to becoming a professional musician. He practiced hours and hours to master the Cajun accordion. His guitar playing got better, but he soon realized there was a shortage in bass players. He purchased his first bass, and less than a week later, played his first paying gig.

He spent the next few years touring around the world with two highly respected Cajun bands, the Basin Brothers and Balfa Toujours. In 1999, he married and made the decision to stop touring, but continued to play music. Looking back on a twenty year career of playing bass, Ganey is grateful to have shared the stage with many great Cajun and Zydeco musicians such as Jo-EL Sonnier, Doug Kershaw, Wayne Toups, Steve Riley, David Greeley, Geno Dellafosse, Sheryl Cormier, Walter Mouton, Ellis Vanicor, and many, many more.

Playing bass with Jo-EL Sonnier.

In 2010, he release his first CD with his Cajun trio, The LakeSide Gamblers. The CD contained mostly original songs written by Ganey, in French. His song, Changer son idee’ (Change her mind) was nominated for “Song of the Year” by the Cajun French Music Association.

Even after the success of his first CD, Ganey wasn’t confident in his ability to write in French. In 2013, he received a grant from the Louisiana Division of Arts and recorded his first solo CD, Le Forgeron which roughly half of the songs were in English. The CD included a song about his grandparents, Here, in my arms, with the verses sung in English, and the chorus in French that has become a favorite on local Cajun programming.

Since 2016, Ganey has been performing solo and concentrating on writing new music in the Country/Americana genre. He plans to release a new CD in 2018 with stripped down arrangements and minimal accompaniments.

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